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Laity Formation

Formation(2006 English and Spanish)
Currently available through your chapter

   Postulancy Program (2006) - Cover Sheet

      l. The Life of St Dominic  -  Life of St Dominic (Spanish Version)
     2. Laity in the Church
     3. Prayer
     4. Our Chapter, Our Community
     5. Study
     6. Apostolate

Additional Postulancy Formation Material

   1. Praying Liturgy of the Hours (10 MB - may take 1 min to load at dsl speed)

Available for download here and through your chapters

Postulancy Program (1986)
This has been superseded by the 2006 Program Material and should not be used except for reference.

l. The Spirit and Aims of St. Dominic
2. Dominicans - People of the Word
3. Dominicans as People of Prayer and the practice of Lectio-Divina
4. Apostolate and the Lay Dominican
5. Community
6. Lay Dominican Community in Practice

Novitiate Program (1986)

Title Sheet
l. The History and Personality of St. Dominic
2. History of the Dominican Order, Especially The Laity
3. Dominican Rule and Statutes
4. Government, Source of Dominican Spirituality
5. Commitment to Community
6. Liturgical and Personal Prayer
7. The Sacraments in Daily Life
8. Dominican Devotions
9. Dominican Study
10.Charism of Preaching

On Going Formation (I) (1986)

On Going Formation (II) (1986)

On Going Formation (III) (1986)



Other Formation Materials

     Franciscan and Dominican Influences
on the Medieval Order of Penance:
     Origins of the Dominican Laity by Thomas J. Johnston

Fr Rubba Trifold Handouts
     Blessed Imelda - Patron Saint of First Communicants