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 Mother of God, Springfield
 St Rose of Lima, Swansea
 St Martin DePorres, Natick
 Our Lady of Mercy,- (Prison)
 Hope of Bethany, Sherborn
     Maine, NH & VT
Two Hearts, Biddeford, ME
Resurrection, Otisfield, ME
Margaret of Costello, Lewiston
Corpus Christi, Portsmouth
    Rhode Island
St Thomas Aquinas, Providence College Priory
Mother of Mercy, Tiverton
 St Mary's, New Haven
 Our Lady of Grace,Cromwell

Who Are We ?

Members of The Third Order of St Dominic, who, while following the ordinary professions of life, feel called to dedicate their lives under a definite discipline of prayer, study, apostolate and community ...Learn About Us...

The Rosary and Dominicans

St. Dominic is often credited with popularizing the use of the rosary. According to church tradition, Mary inspired St. Dominic to use it...PRAY...

Dominican Traditions & Symbols  


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Charismata of Dominicans

Prayer, Study, Community and Apostolate are the four charisms that we strive to reflect in our daily lives

Knowing Your Catholic Faith



Know your faith, and carry that message of Jesus to others. This is our obligation made incumbent on us by the very gift of faith we have received. ...Study Aides...

Spiritual Reading

Heighten your spiritual awareness and deepen your faith with these titles. Choose from e-books or printed titles including some great classics...READ...

Newest Dominican
Saints and Blesseds

After thorough investigations into the lives of these Servants of God the causes for canonization have moved forward just recently for these Dominicans...MORE...


We've done the searching for you and made it  easy to listen to informative and inspiration podcasts on the web in blazing speed...Listen...

History of The Dominicans  

Discover who we are through eight centuries of history. From the medieval times to the modern era, a rich legacy has formed. Witness the inspiration of St. Dominic vitalize the Order and spread God's message throughout the world........ ...MORE...

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